Thingavore! was the Texas Aggie Game Developers' entry to the Independent Games Festival for 2006, and our fourth "Big Game" Project.

I was Lead Designer and Lead Artist for the project.

The idea was to create a puzzle game in which the protagonist could use items, or eat them to absorb their properties. The idea was heavily inspired by World of Sand , a java game in which you create a lot of different materials which then interact in different ways. Other inspirations include Lemmings , Kirby, and The Incredible Machine.

In Thingavore!, you have wood, which can be burned or chopped, metal, which can be attracted to with a magnet, water, which extinguishes fire and which flows naturally, dirt, which can be dug through, glass, which can be shattered, and stone, which is inert.

The player has several items he can use:

The Spoon, which can be used to dig, or eaten to become tiny and fit through gaps,
The Bow&Arrow, which can be used to shoot arrows (shattering glass and triggering switches) or eaten to become bouncy.
The Axe, which can be used to chop wood or shatter glass, or eaten to become heavy (thus sinking in water or breaking glass),
The Balloon, which can be held to drift down slowly, or eaten to float upwards,
The Magnet, which can be used to attract horizontally to metal, or eaten to attract to metal vertically, and
The Torch, which can be used to set things on fire, or eaten to become fire.

In addition to guiding the programmers and coming up with the design for the game, I also wrote the menu system, which is a flash .swf file that is integrated with the C++ engine via the flashutil library that a fellow TAGD member, Luke Wagner, wrote for us. I also wrote the Level Editor.

The Level editor was written in Flash and exports data to an xml file format which the C++ Thingavore! game engine can read.

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