Dragon Pants 2

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I made DragonPants 2 on a dare. You see, my friends and I were studying Architecture in Barcelona, and my friend Brian got totally addicted to this little shockwave game called Last Christmas 2

He said, "Hey Lars, you make flash games all the time, right?" And I'm like, "Um... yeah, sorta." And then he said, "Why don't you make a game that's as good or better than Last Christmas?" And, with the gauntlet thrown, I did my best. I drew sketches over the last month we were still in Barcelona and planned enemy patterns and behaviors, then when we went home for the Christmas break I got started.

I based the game off of a previous (and less successful) project I'd made, Dragon Pants (now known to posterity as "Dragon Pants One.")

Each year I had a tradition of making cheezy christmas cards in Flash. This year I made a vertical scrolling shooter about Dragons and their quest for the eternally sacred, wholly immaculate Pants. (That's "Trousers" for those of you who take tea as a meal and pronounce "Butter" with a glottal stop.)

I think it turned out pretty good. I got good reviews over at Derek Yu's The Independent Gaming Source, though he demanded a lot more levels, adding, "and while you're at it, get me a beer!" I was honored by the praise, and to his credit, the game is fairly short. Also, I have not yet gotten him a beer. I will be fixing that one day. :P

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